Celebrate Theory

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Learn the building blocks of the music you love with Celebrate Theory

Available for every level of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program, from elementary to advanced, Celebrate Theory builds music literacy from the very first lesson and deepens students’ enjoyment and understanding of the music they hear and play. By integrating music theory with practical study, students develop well-rounded musicianship skills in an interactive and engaging way.

Celebrate Theory brings theory concepts to life through:

  • Practical activities and written exercises
  • Exploration of repertoire
  • Guided listening and melody writing


Elementary (Preparatory–Level 4)

Celebrate Theory Book Covers Elementary Levels

Perfect for students of all instruments, students begin their musical journey using five progressive volumes that introduce music notation and fundamental concepts through engaging and exploratory activities.

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Intermediate (Levels 5–8)

Celebrate Theory Book Covers Intermediate Levels

Students continue to expand their musical literacy and build analytical skills. Integration of guided listening activities allow for a shared experience between the student and teacher, or students and parents.

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Advanced (Levels 9–ARCT)

Harmony & Counterpoint and Analysis
Available Spring 2017

Celebrate Theory Book Covers Advanced Levels

Three clear and concise volumes that integrate harmony & counterpoint are complemented by a single volume of analysis. These books guide students to a deeper understanding of musical vocabulary, syntax and structure.

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Celebrate Theory Book Covers Advanced Levels

Updated to reflect the requirements of the Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition, these three volumes are essential resources for providing an introduction to and overview of the study of Western music.


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The Celebrate Theory sampler provides a detailed overview of each book in the Series. You will discover when and how key concepts are introduced, which repertoire is explored, and determine which level is appropriate for your student or yourself.


Theory Syllabus, 2016 Edition

Royal Conservatory Theory Syllabus 2016 Celebrate Theory This syllabus is an invaluable resource that outlines the current requirements of The Royal Conservatory Certificate Program for all levels of theory, history, harmony & counterpoint, and analysis.