Assessments: A Student's Perspective

Leticia Sefia

The Royal Conservatory Music Development Program centers on periodic assessments for students—one-on-one adjudicator-to-student performance evaluations that also serve as valuable teaching and learning opportunities. In each assessment, a certified professional adjudicator evaluates a student’s performance of repertoire, studies (etudes), and musicianship skills. Below, 10-year-old piano student Leticia Sefia (pictured) shares how the assessment experience inspired her to practice.

What assessment did you take?

I took the Level 3 assessment for piano in May 2012.

Describe the assessment process. What were you asked to do?

First I took some technical tests, and played things like intervals, chromatic scales, staccato, and triads. Next I had to perform three kinds of repertoire and two etudes. After that, I was asked to sight-read a piece, as well as clap back and play back certain pieces of music.

What kind of feedback did the adjudicator provide?

She was very nice and made me feel comfortable. Her voice was very calm during the assessment and she was patient with me.

What did you learn from the assessment?

I learned quite a lot from the mistakes I made in the assessment. I loved the report the adjudicator gave me because when my piano teacher and I read it, it helped us realize what I should work on and where I did well.

I also gained a lot of experience during my preparation for the exam. My piano teacher made up a schedule of practice for me and since I had a goal I was encouraged to practice all the time. The assessments always help me to know what level I am at. I always want to work to get to the next level.

You can also read perspective of a participating parent and teacher. Registration for our May/June assessment is open until February 18. 

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