Benefits For Your Students

  • The Music Development Program enhances overall learning and development, creating a set of foundational skills that can be transferred to other areas in life and the arts. The integrity of the Music Development Program supports overall personal development, creativity, innovation, and life success.
  • The unparalleled flexibility of the Music Development Program fosters innovation and creativity in both teaching and learning, while the achievable national standards of this rigorous program supports personal excellence in music study.
  • The assessments are objective and impartial and are carried out by professional ajudicators, all of whom are distinguished teachers and performers from across North America.
  • The Music Development Program is designed for a wide range of students, not limited only to the exceptionally talented or those focused on a musical career.
  • The Music Development Program provides an opportunity for students to measure and understand their progress and achievements in a systematic way, enhancing motivation and growth, creating appropriate individual defined goals, and earning meaningful recognition.
  • The comprehensive nature of the Music Development Program fosters greater creativity, artistry, and a love of music, as well as improved process skills of self-discipline, goal setting, and time management.
  • Students participating in the Music Development Program are better prepared for college applications, whether they plan to continue with music or major in any other field.
  • Students receive detailed feedback on their progress balanced with constructive observations and suggestions for their future musical development.
  • The flexibility of the Music Development Program reflects the reality of students at varying levels of engagement with music as well as their individual learning styles.